Technical SEO

Technical SEO

There a fine line between on-page and technical SEO. Sometimes aspects of technical SEO are included as parts of on-page.

For the purpose of the book, I’ve tried to keep the two things separate, but there are a number of technical SEO factors that are extremely important.

Technical SEO

This is why I decided to include a section which will go through the main ones, offering you a little insight into why they are important, and how your on-page SEO efforts can be influenced by the technical side of things.

Fast Loading Pages


Fast loading pages provides visitors with a better experience of your site, which can be measured by Google's Core Web Vitals

Is your Site Crawlable?


Making your that you website is crawlable is a very important factor for technical SEO, so make sure you aren't blocking the crawlers 

HTTP Status Codes


Learn about the different HTTP status codes, what they mean and how to check if your website is throwing any up

Is your Site Secure?


Online security is becoming extremely important, so you need to be sure that your website is operating securely

Your sitemap.xml File


Your sitemap.xml file is a blueprint of your website, which you must be generating and submitting to Google

Robots.txt File


If you need to block certain parts of your website from being crawled, you can block access with your robots.txt file

Tools for Testing


Testing your on-page SEO efforts is important, so discover which sites and tools are great for giving your website a full check-up