Image Optimization

Image Optimization

Literally, every single website you visit will have images. They are an important part of the page and are helpful to split up huge chunks of text into smaller bite sized portions and to make the page more appealing.

Images can instantly convey a message that you might otherwise need 1000 words of text to achieve. They add life to articles, and in many instants, are a vital part of the content.

Image Optimization - On-Page SEO

Images don’t have to be photographs of beautiful flowers or a sunset over the sea. They can also be used to display data in an easy to understand way such as through pie charts or bar graphs. You should always try to include a few images on your web pages or blog posts.

Finding Images


Images are an important part of any website. Here you can find more information about some great resources for images

Resizing your Images


If you don't resize your images before using them on your website, you are going to affect the load speed of your pages

Renaming your Image Files


It's good practice to take time to properly rename your image files to include your keywords and search terms

Choosing the Right Format


Not all image formats are created equally, so it's important to know which format you should be using for the images for your website

Using the Alt Tag


The alt tag plays an important role in your image optimization, so it's vital to know how you should be using it, and what to avoid

Exif / Image Metadata


If you take your own images, you can use the Exif metadata of each photo to promote your brand and awareness of your business